8 internet tricks you must never forget: use google as a calculator, dictionary, flight tracker

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    From tracking flights to improving your vocabulary, supercharge your browsing skills with these quick tricks.

    1. Use Google as a calculator
    Type your sum into Google and the clever search engine will give you the answer in a fraction of the time it takes to find the calculator app on your phone.

    2. Conversions
    The same trick is great for working out conversions quickly – from metric to imperial or vice versa – just pop your query into the search box (for example, 10 stone in kg) and let it do the hard work for you. Or if you’re setting off on holiday, you can easily check the exchange rate in the same way.

    3. Pause YouTube videos
    The space bar is one common way to pause a YouTube video, but sometimes it will also skip down the page, making you have to scroll back up again. Use the K button instead for both pause and restart – much easier!

    4. Find what you need, fast
    No more skim-reading through bottomless webpages until you find what you need – if you need facts fast, use CTRL+F (PC) or CMD+F (Mac) and your browser will instantly find the specific terms you’re searching for.

    5. Define words quickly
    If you come across a word you don’t understand, type it into Google with ‘define’ to find out what it means. Or mix up your vocab with a few fancy phrases by using the search engine as a thesaurus: just enter any word in the search box followed by ‘synonyms’.

    6. Rapid resizing
    If you come across a load of text that’s the wrong size for you to read easily, change it by pressing CTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac) and + to make it larger or – to make it smaller. Preferred the default size after all? CTRL/CMD and 0 will take the website’s text back to its original size.

    7. Delete your cookies
    If you’re experiencing slow loading times for every website you visit, your browser might be clogged up with too many cookies (the little bits of data that websites use to remember things like login information and user preferences). Delete them every now and then to make your online experience faster. Whichever browser you use, find a simple guide by Googling ‘delete cookies’.

    8. Track your flight
    Whether you’re going on holiday or need to pick someone up from the airport, Google’s got you covered with its built-in flight tracker. Type the flight number into the search box, tap enter and you’ll get a live update containing departure/arrival times, delays and terminal numbers. Really useful on your mobile too!

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