25 things you may not know about cars: if you press your car remote 256 times it stops working

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    While most people think automobiles were developed by Henry Ford, the Model T car wasn’t developed until 1908. In 1886, more than 20 years prior to that, Karl Benz invented the first official car in Germany. Today his company is known as Mercedes-Benz. What the Model T did accomplish, however, was to become the first car made affordable to the masses. Although cars have changed the way we live our lives in many positive ways, they have also contributed to some negative effects. Here are 25 things you may not know about cars.

    1. In many states in the US you can be charged with a DUI even if you are sleeping drunk in a parked car.

    2. In Churchill, Canada residents leave their cars unlocked so that passing pedestrians can take shelter if they happen across a polar bear.

    3. Volkswagen had the good sense to change the original, Hitler-sanctioned name for its small car, the Kraft durch Freude Wagen (“Strength Through Joy Car”). You know it as the Beetle.

    4. The ignition on Porsches is always on the left. This is because they used to be racing cars and drivers could save some time by starting the car with their left hand and shifting into gear with their right.

    5. Ever since the Indy Car Series switched to Honda engines in 2006, there have been no failures.

    6. If you press your car remote button more than 256 times while it is out of range, it can lose synchronization with your car and stop working.

    7. Nearly 75% of the cars ever produced by Rolls Royce are still on the road.

    8. In 1941 nearly 3 million cars were manufactured in the US. Once the nation entered World War II almost all production was focused on military equipment and until the end of the war only 139 more cars were produced.

    9. In 2007, Ryan Holle of Florida was sentenced to life in prison for lending his car to a friend who went on to murder a teenage girl.

    10. A taxi driver in Greece has recorded the highest mileage ever on a Mercedes at nearly 3 million miles. He donated his car to a museum and was given a new one.

    11. Bridget Driscoll of the UK became the first victim of a car crash. She was hit by a car traveling 4mph.

    12. In many European countries, your car headlights can never be turned off, even during the day.

    13. The first car to have a rear view mirror was driven by Ray Harroun during the Indy 500 in 1911 so he could see his competitors catching up to him.

    14. In 2002 numerous callers reported having seen a car run off the road near Surrey, England. Police arrived and found no sign of a crash or even a car. They eventually did find a car, however, (and a decomposed driver) in the ditch but they determined that the car had crashed more than 5 months ago.

    15. In 2004, when Oprah gave her audience cars for free...they weren't really free. Each new owner had to pay about $6,000 in income tax.

    16. To instantaneously cool your hot car down, roll down the window on one side and open/close the opposite door several times.

    17. The gas guzzler tax in the US that was meant to deter people from driving fuel heavy vehicles only applies to cars and not SUVs or vans. This is because back in 1978 when the law was passed, vans and SUVs weren't often used as passenger vehicles. The law has yet to be updated.

    18. In California it is legal to drive a motorcycle between two lanes (and two cars). Known as lane-splitting, most people don't realize that this is in fact legal (53% at last poll).

    19. Initially, the Soviet Union allowed the Grapes of Wrath to be played in theaters because it depicted how people suffered under capitalism. It was eventually pulled, however, because audiences were amazed at how even the poorest Americans could afford a car.

    20. In Norway there are very strict rules about advertising cars as being green. The official position is that "green" cars cannot do any good for the environment. They just do less damage than others.

    21. In South Africa it is legal to attach flamethrowers to the bottom of your car in order to ward off car jackers.

    22. During the 1978 Formula One, there was a so called "fan car" competing. It had fans on the underside that created a vacuum and sucked the car to the road. It was disqualified shortly thereafter.

    23. The Cozy Coupe toy car by Little Tikes was named the "best selling car of the decade" in 1998. It outsold both the Honda Accord and the Ford Taurus.

    24. The Honda Prelude was the first mass produced car to have a mechanical 4-wheel steering system. It's first year it even beat its Porsche and Ferrari contenders in the slalom test.

    25. Lincoln Town cars are the last US luxury car to use body-on-frame construction rather than a unibody frame. This allows for the vehicle to easily be lengthened and is also why almost every limousine is a Lincoln Town Car.

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